Google is planning on updating their indexing algorithms in 2010 to add more emphasis on social bookmarking. In other words, Google will now not only look at how many quality back-links lead to your pages, but will also take into account the number of Twitter mentions, Facebook updates and Linkedin status updates which link to your pages (so, please, retweet this using the link in the upper right corner of this post).

One thing you need to add to your site (blog, preferably) are simple ways visitors can “share and bookmark” your pages (blog posts) to places such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, also Digg, Stumbleupon and others. This is easy if your site is a blog, there are a number of ways to add this functionality by adding a plugin to your WordPress-powered blog. Other blogging platforms also have similar solutions you can readily use.

If you have questions about blogging and social networking, you can start by reading this low-cost introduction. I’ve arranged a special $10 OFF for you as my networking buddies! For only $7 you will find easy-to-read information about basics of business blogging and online marketing.

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