T’EASE is working with Boris Mahovac to design T-shirts for the Oakville Business Network.  The following is the preliminary design.  Feedback is appreciated.  Sizes from each of the members is also required.  T-shirts will be black with the Oakville Business Network.com on the front and the Business Names of all the members on the back.

Category: Business Networking / Promotional Products / Screen Printing
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3 Responses to “T-shirts for the Oakville Business Network”

Sandra September 28, 2009

size small plse.

Would like to see the company names aligned in a more uniform fashion perhaps…shorter names at the top then pyramid downward? what r your thoughts?

Johanne October 2, 2009

Small size for me too please.
Are we sure of all of the members included? After last meeting, maybe this list will change.

Also, I don’t know how we could do that but often times, the website name is the company name, so to avoid repetition, why don’t we put our personal names + website (One on top of the other). you might save some caracters this way.

What do you think?