New Years resolutions…

It’s hard to hide the anticipation of the promise that a new year holds.

Reflecting on past years and looking forward to what is to come I realized that many resolutions both professionally and personally often get pushed aside once the novelty has wore off..so I for one am not making any false promises except to live in the moment and enjoy this roller coaster of life!

There is nothing that feels more luxurious to me than the fabric of bamboo so I thought that a bamboo gym towel and a good cup of Oolong tea would make a great January promotion.

Why bamboo?…its hypoallergenic, its so soft and absorbant …its truly a luxury to use (whether you go to the gym or not !)

Its also longer than a regular towel so that it fits comfortably around your neck.

Why Oolong?…since drinking loose leaf tea I would be very reluctant to go back to tea bags …loose leaf is much healthier for you and has lots of flavour…It also aids in weight loss ( not that I am saying that weight loss is one of those oh so many times broken resolutions …no we won’t go there!) However it does speed up your metabolism and it feels so comforting on those chilly days to sit and have a nice cupof tea! I recommend the Fermosa Oolong and the Ti guan yin Oolong.

So whatever you choose to use our special for this month you will not be disappointed-It’s also easy on the pocketbook too -at $20 its a treat for yourself and a friend !

Whatever your goals are for this coming year -I wish you much success and happiness!

Email or call today while quantities last!

Have a wonderful day

Tracy Grant


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One Response to “Happy New Year – January Promotion”

Catherine Chu January 8, 2010

An excellent January promotion. I feel more relaxed just thinking about a warm cup of tea and a warm towek fresh out of the dryer