No matter what business you choose to get into, there will always be doors that seem will never open for you; no matter how hard you try.

I think that my philosophy in business has always been to break down those doors and creep right in. At some point, there will be someone who will have something in common with you and your chosen field.

This becomes an opportunity to “network”. Networking for me, involves using social media such as, Facebook and Twitter. These can be a wonderful source of contact, no matter your business, or what you sell.
The old adage of “don’t burn bridges” also rings true. If you have conflicts with other businesses in your field, attempt to put it behind you with no ill feelings. More times than not, there are future opportunities to work together.

WonderMoms.ca is very community oriented and loves to be involved in any capacity possible. We attend vendor and advertiser events to assist in showing our support to their products and services. This builds a sense of teamwork and camaraderie without the fear of jealousy.

Although WonderMoms.ca is an online resource designed to help moms be moms, we try very hard to remove ourselves from the confines of our computers and get out into the real world. Getting in front of your clients shows that you care, and are aware of your surroundings and the importance of being seen.

Setting up meetings with other local businesses, big or small, to help each other out. Supporting one and other is extremely important. See what they have tried and how it worked out. We call these meetings, “Tweet-ups”. My business has flourished since adopting these opportunities as part of my daily routine.

At the end of the day, “Open Every Door”.


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