Hey Guys. Ever wonder what happens when the power cuts out, or dips a little? You look around when its over and everything seems to be back on right? Except those clocks you have to reprogram!

What you may not realize is that little change in power can do a lot of damage to your office technology. Sometimes its as obvious as not turning back on once the power is back, to the annoying “ghost” in the machine where your device starts to do funny things on its own.

You have insurance for your car right? Your home? Some even for your pet. Why not invest in some sort of protection for those electronics that are likely an integrated part of your everyday work. I’m talking about UPS’s or a Uninterrupted Power Supply.

Not sure where to start? Well first I’m not suggesting you protect EVERY piece of electronics in your home or office. You always need to evaluate what you define as a critical operation device. If your DVD stopped working would that prevent you from conducting business? What if it was your printer? Or even your computer? At some point we all have to realize that we need these pieces of technology to “weather” whatever electrical storm comes at them.

Once you’ve defined that, you need to determine how much backup you need. Do you only need something to keep the power to your device clean? Or perhaps something that will give you a few minutes of battery so you can safely turn off your machine. Maybe you need something that will last long enough to switch your operation to another location to continue to operate.

Finally, you need to figure out if you need more than simple battery backup. Are you in a rural area, or an area that may be prone to electrical spikes or harmonic distortions? A simple UPS won’t necessarily protect against all that so you may need to invest in a larger than the average small business UPS. Once you start getting into this area though I do recommend you speak with a Trusted Adviser on your power needs to make sure all your bases are covered.

And when you’re all done and installed…make sure to let your insurance company know about your new protective hardware. You may find a discount lurking around that you can take advantage of!

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