Let’s talk Pregnancy!

I know a couple of people who are thinking about or are already pregnant, so I thought I’d focus this month’s newsletter on pregnancy. Here’s a few things you need to know:

Hazards of additives such as MSG, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, aspartame and nutrisweet (also known as excitotoxins) in foods. These ingredients have been proven in scientific studies to destroy neurons in the brain. Young and unborn children are especially affected. These items literally excite particular brain cells to death. Neurons do not regenerate. In adults symptoms may manifest as Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis. I encourage you to read the book called Excitotoxins to learn a lot more.

Supplements you should be taking. First you need a prenatal supplement. Children are very self serving. If you do not have an excess supply of a particular nutrient immediately available within your body, your child will steal what you have. A great example is Calcium – your unborn child will take any calcium stores from the mother which may cause the mother to become depleted. It may take years for some women to recover. Stay clear from the supplements generally found in drug stores. When it comes to supplements, you do get what you pay for.

EFA’s Remember EFA’s (aka essential fatty acids)? Well, these are essential for rapid brain and nervous system development. One of the components, DHA, helps eye and nerve cell structures. Again, when pregnancy begins, the body will release any available DHA to the fetus and the mother may become depleted! You can have one or two servings of cold water fish per week, but no more than that. To play it safe take a pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplement which is guaranteed to be free of toxins, metals, etc. Aim for at least 2-3 tsp a day or look for a dosage containing a minimum of 300mg.

Other supplements
Another important one is acidophilus, a probiotic. Again, the good ones are always refrigerated and contain at least 5 billion per capsule! Probiotics help support the immune and digestive systems. As an added bonus, probiotics may help with eczema and food allergies.

Make sure your prenatal supplement contains sufficient folic acid; about 800mg daily. This is necessary to help prevent poor brain and spinal cord development (eg. Spina bifida).

When you consider the fact that we need 10 servings of fruit and vegetables daily (1 serving is 1 cup raw or ½ cup cooked), taking a good quality greens supplement is highly recommended as well.

For nausea take red raspberry, ginger, B6 or Magnesium.

If you want an easy delivery these items will help:

 red raspberry – balances the last 3 months of pregnancy, is a uterine antispasmodic, tones and strengthens the uterus
 chestnut – harmonizes hormone functions
 rosemary – detoxifies from the pill, prevents premature delivery, balances metabolism of hormones

There are other combinations of herbs as well which help with water retention, fatigue, etc.

If you have some questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Jane Porterfield August 16, 2011

Hi there. I’ve got a relatively new blog entitled “Let’s Talk Pregnancy”. I read your post with great interest because I’m trying to share valuable information with my readers/followers. Nutrition is one of the topics I’ve been covering and I wondered if I could link to your post in one of my own posts? It would be greatly appreciated if I could. Thanks for your time.


John Ng August 16, 2011

Hi Jane,

Yes, by all means! You can definitely include our link in one of your posts. Thanks you for asking!