Affiliate Marketing to the Max workshopAffiliate marketing sounds like it’s not for you, right? Well, you probably don’t consider yourself an “affiliate marketer,” but, I’d like to show you how you, too, can make a nice second income using affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is also about growing your own business: selling more real estate, or more life insurance, or getting more clients, etc.

As always, in 3 hours’ time I will spill the beans to you and give you all my secrets on how I make $1,000s every month with very little to no effort.

I know, you’ve heard these kinds of claims before, but I will show you real evidence, of how much money I make, and how you, too, can start making some serious “beach money,” too.

Have you heard of the guy who wrote the book called “The 4-hour Work Week”?

Well, I am on my way of achieving that goal, and I want to take you along for the ride.

Are you game?

Where and When?
January 19, 10am-1pm,
iBizAcademy Training Centre
1253 Silvan Forest Drive, Burlington, ON L7M 0B7


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