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“When you can stop you don’t want to, and when you want to stop, you can’t…” Luke Davies

Do you crave certain foods often?
Do you eat something knowing you’ll pay for it later?
Do you feel better after eating something?
Are you in denial – “I eat it all the time, I’m fine”
You can’t stop eating that certain something once you start…ie finish the whole bag!?

Well, guess what… you may be addicted and allergic!

Why is that?

First of all, we spend almost 70% of our day eating/digesting something – eating a lot, oftenand it takes absolutely forever to pass through our system (from our mouth to our cells or out the other end)

The more we consume the same thing (the big ones are wheat, corn, dairy, eggs, sugar, soy), the more our body has to use the same ‘digestive enzymes’ to digest that item. Eventually we become depleted in that enzyme and are no longer able to digest it properly…this stresses out our pancreas (one of the primary organs responsible for secreting enzymes). Just think sugar is in everything we eat (even salt). We eat dairy and wheat all day long every day. Eggs are in everything (even vaccines) and well, then soy is the newby!

It’s easier to get addicted to a refined processed food. Sugaraddiction is a perfect example. Real Whole Sugar Cane has all it’s nutrients. When it’s processed into white sugar everything has been stripped away and the body has to supply all the nutrients in order to digest it properly. This leads to nutrient deficiency and metabolic imbalance…leading again to addiction and cravings….In other words, you all need to see us to rebalance yourselves for sugar (LOL)!

To add insult to injury, most of us have compromised (incompetent) digestive systems. We can’t transform and transport nutrients properly. This triggers our immune system to come in and clean up the mess – ie attack and disarm undigested food particles. This is NOT the immune system’s real job!

So now what? You need to do to correct those addictions:
1) Replace the refined foods with real foods
2) Let us help you heal your incompetent gut
3) Have us help you rebalance yourself for those addictive foods

Did You Know?
- Eating the same thing often in order to remain free of symptoms (eg coffee), leads to chronic stress and eventual degenerative dis-ease
- 95% of food allergens are delayed reactions — symptoms can be delayed for up to 5 days
- A healthy body does NOT have unhealthy cravings
- Ragweed season has started, but we see many around that have yet to bloom!

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