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For Remembrance Day: Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live taking the form of readiness to die. – G. K. Chesterton

There are 2 things we wanted to talk about this month. The first is the ‘flu’ and second is a story (a true one)!

Let’s start with the story. This may shed some light on some health issues people may be having. A week ago, I (Christine) was involved in a car accident. It’s expected to have some muscle aches and pains afterwards; it’s expected to be thrown out of whack emotionally. What I didn’t expect was breaking out in hives that evening and over the next week. They were on my neck, hands, legs, lower back, etc. It would be random throughout the day, in the morning, at night, when a room was too warm, certain clothing… If I had not just been through something as obvious as an accident, I would’ve assumed I was reacting to something I’ve ingested, touched or put on my skin. Now I could very well be sensitive to something like that but my body wasn’t showing any external symptoms – it was trying to manage things on it’s own internally! The added stress suddenly placed on my body, overloaded my circuits and created the cascade of symptoms… does that make sense? Well, the following quote should make more sense to everyone:

“Allergy is the cumulative effect of many insults to the body which over time haveoverwhelmed the body’s protective mechanisims. While dust may appear to be the cause of your runny nose, in reality it is only the trigger that activates the symptoms”

In my case the stress was the trigger that activated my symptoms… a powerful aha moment!

Okay, moving onwards…
It’s that time of year when the flu bug starts to show it’s nasty little self! We thought we’d give you a good little preventative protocol to help prevent you from being a target. This involves doing a few things:

A. Taking a few natural remedies – what are these you ask…well there are 4 of them and they’re homeopathic: Drg Milieu, Fl Milieu, Vac-Tox and Solray D spray and this is how to take them:
- Take 5 drops of drg milieu and 5 drops of fl milieu in a little water once a day starting on the first of the month until the 15th of the month. Take 6 sprays of Solray D once a day every day for 6 months
- On day 5 take 5 drops of Vac-tox. (that’s right for one day only)
- At the beginning of the next month repeat the steps for 5 more months. Now you don’t have to use the begining of the month as a start date, but it just makes it easier. You could just as easily start on the 15th!

B. Tonify your immune system (Wei Qi as they call it in Traditional Chinese Medicine) for the current H7N9 strain with our specialized acupuncture technique (of course without needles).

The products come in a package for $125 (plus tax) and should easily last 6 months. If you purchase the products now, we’ll give you 20% off the acupuncture (B above) and imprint the current flu strain into our Fl Milieu for you.

Did You Know?
- Vaccinations do not offer permanent immunity only your body can do that
- The Flu vaccine contains formaldehyde
- Some vaccines include peanut, dairy, gluten, soy derivatives – makes you wonder!
- Oh and don’t forget the mercury or aluminum as preservatives…neurotoxins!
- Check out this website: http://vran.org/about-vaccines/vaccine-ingredients/

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