Affiliate Marketing to the Max workshopAffiliate marketing sounds like it’s not for you, right? Well, you probably don’t consider yourself an “affiliate marketer,” but, I’d like to show you how you, too, can make a nice second income using affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is also about growing your own business: selling more real estate, or more life insurance, or getting more clients, etc.

As always, in 3 hours’ time I will spill the beans to you and give you all my secrets on how I make $1,000s every month with very little to no effort.

I know, you’ve heard these kinds of claims before, but I will show you real evidence, of how much money I make, and how you, too, can start making some serious “beach money,” too.

Have you heard of the guy who wrote the book called “The 4-hour Work Week”?

Well, I am on my way of achieving that goal, and I want to take you along for the ride.

Are you game?

Where and When?
January 19, 10am-1pm,
iBizAcademy Training Centre
1253 Silvan Forest Drive, Burlington, ON L7M 0B7


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WonderMoms is an on line resource website for parents – We call it our on line destination for Moms and Dads from the GTA area. We offer plenty on WonderMoms from,

*Content, we have articles written by professionals and digital Moms and Dads – encourage guest blogs.

*Events for the Community, we help support local community events

*Contests and Giveaways, WonderMoms hosted a lot of fabulous giveaways with Brands and Business’s. It is a great way to showcase your business and or product with our readers

*We are heavily involved in Social Media and engage with our followers. You can find us on Twitter at WonderMoms and also on Facebook . Our site link is

Our goal is to engage, learn, network and grow with the Oakville Business Network members.

Thank you


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Tracy Grant and Marc Grant are hosting a Soft launch of Marc Grant’s Ward 5 Local Councillor in Oakville for 2010 Re-Election campaign

When: Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Time: 5:00pm to 8:00pm

Where: Antz in Your Pantz

$25 per Family which includes admission to Antz in Your Pants & Pizza.

Plus Silent auctions

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No matter what business you choose to get into, there will always be doors that seem will never open for you; no matter how hard you try.

I think that my philosophy in business has always been to break down those doors and creep right in. At some point, there will be someone who will have something in common with you and your chosen field.

This becomes an opportunity to “network”. Networking for me, involves using social media such as, Facebook and Twitter. These can be a wonderful source of contact, no matter your business, or what you sell.
The old adage of “don’t burn bridges” also rings true. If you have conflicts with other businesses in your field, attempt to put it behind you with no ill feelings. More times than not, there are future opportunities to work together. is very community oriented and loves to be involved in any capacity possible. We attend vendor and advertiser events to assist in showing our support to their products and services. This builds a sense of teamwork and camaraderie without the fear of jealousy.

Although is an online resource designed to help moms be moms, we try very hard to remove ourselves from the confines of our computers and get out into the real world. Getting in front of your clients shows that you care, and are aware of your surroundings and the importance of being seen.

Setting up meetings with other local businesses, big or small, to help each other out. Supporting one and other is extremely important. See what they have tried and how it worked out. We call these meetings, “Tweet-ups”. My business has flourished since adopting these opportunities as part of my daily routine.

At the end of the day, “Open Every Door”.

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Feb is a on line resource center for the members of the Halton community, we focus on providing services and advertising that meet the needs of Families, Moms of Halton. A major part of our website is community events and awareness — Oakville Relay for Life and The Oakville Faresfare Food Bank.

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