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I read an interesting piece over at Marketing Magazine recently. It discusses cable company Cogeco and their move into “addressable advertising” next year in a pilot scheme throughout limited households.

If you’re not familiar with addressable advertising, it’s the method of using far more targeted ads based on location and demographics. So, certain areas may be more affluent while other areas may be more working class.

What Cogeco’s aiming to do, via their pilot on local cable channel CHCH, is to test out targeted advertising and send out ads that are geared to someone’s specific address.

So, for example, someone living in an affluent are of the Golden Horseshoe – the area of south Ontario, Canada, where the scheme will be piloted – will see ads for luxury cars. Those living in a less affluent area will see ads for minivans or compact cars.

The goal is clear – if people are to buy something, they’re more likely to buy what’s in their cash range.

Targeted or Taking Aim?

It’s a great idea – although I’m not too sure if closing your potential customers off by ignoring them due to current financial status is a great idea. Everyone has aspirations, right? And what better way to aim for a goal than seeing something to aim toward (like a more luxurious car, or nicer home, or bigger vacation)?

There’s also the problem of the demographics. Just because someone lives in an affluent area doesn’t necessarily mean they are affluent. They could be working their asses off to pay the higher mortgage, and have little-to-no fluid cash.

Additionally, is the affluent neighbourhood made up primarily of younger people, or the “reward year boomers”? The latter category are people that have worked their lives to become affluent and now have time to relax and enjoy their savings. So they’d be perfect – but if that’s just a small part of the audience, will addressable advertising be successful?

Without seeing exactly how the company putting the plan together for Cogeco has come up with their information, it’s hard to say. Using Invidi’s Advatar system, it may be that they have all the information they need for the pilot to be a success. While the system looks perfect for showing when a TV is on and what’s being watched, it’s less clear how demographics and spend power is determined.

Of course, one of the ways Cogeco (and others like them) could really target an audience (along with the addressable advertising platform) is to combine the project with social media.

People, People, and More People

Because social media is such a perfect tool for not only messaging your target audience, but actually finding out if they’re in your sights to begin with, it makes perfect sense to combine the offline cable advertising with online and social network promotion and focus.


For example, using something as simple as Facebook Advertising can allow Cogeco and their partners to gauge how many people in their target audiences (affluent and otherwise) will be in the Golden Horseshoe area.

Facebook Advertising

If you base an ad on the cities that will be targeted (from Marketing Magazine’s article), then you have just over 917,000 people living in the Golden Horseshoe between 18-64 years of age (both sexes). But not a lot of 18-year olds will be affluent, so change that age to 30-64 and the audience drops to just over 600,000.

Let’s say it’s a sports car – that’s going to appeal primarily to men (sorry ladies!). Making the age between 30-50, and male demographics only, shows a return of just under 217,000 (quite the drop).

However, it shows that there’s the potential for a Facebook ad campaign to highlight what’s coming via CHCH (and at a far lesser cost than say, a print ad campaign or TV one). So, use a Facebook ad to drive traffic to a landing site that explains what the project is about, and get people to sign up there as well with more detailed information (including available spend power and likelihood of spending through targeted ads).


While the audience on Twitter is a lot less than Facebook (particularly in the demographics and locale that Cogeco is piloting), there are still 5,500 registered users on Twellow (the Twitter Yellow Pages).

But this is just for registered users. Go to Twitter Search and start using it for highlighting the areas of interest and what’s being said about ads over there, and it begins to give you a very focused look at the likelihood of certain ads working while others, not so much.

For instance, a tweet from Hassan Al-Ghareib popped up from a search I did on some terms that the addressable advertising audience might be interested in.

It complains about a new de-icing solution that obviously isn’t working (Canadian winters aren’t very car-friendly). So, if I’m an auto parts store, I know I may have an in there with Hassan and others like him. I find out where Hassan lives (Toronto area), do some more searches to see if others are having similar issues, and then make sure my ad runs in that locale. The fact that Hassan’s in marketing at Samsung helps, too, from a word-of-mouth viewpoint…

Oh, and using Twitter advertising to direct people like Hassan to the CHCH channel is just a simple addition to complement the addressable advertising.

And don’t forget you have the likes of YouTube (visual ads) and BlogTalk Radio (audio ads), as well as mobile advertising (a whole other topic of discussion and the perfect partner for social media). Add these guys into the mix and you really begin to get full-on addressable advertising.

It’ll be interesting to see how the pilot scheme from Cogeco works, and if the statistics – cost versus return for advertisers and awareness of consumers – will be shared. Hopefully they will – it’s a brave new path and one that deserves to work.

And with a little help from social media, it could have an even bigger return… Stay tuned!

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Social Media Tools & Strategies Unconference
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the power of social media & quality relationships

Unless you’ve been living in a cave in outer Mongolia you’ve probably heard of Social Media, Twitter or Facebook. Social media has had a big impact on my life both in business and personally over the last couple years. I have met so many new, wonderful people and learned so much from them. Social media is much more than a buzz word. It can create so many opportunities both personally and professionally. Why do you think ‘big business’ is frothing at the mouth to capitalize on it.

From my experience with social media, there is no quick fix or overnight success. As I’ve learned you have to give to receive and it’s about quality, not quantity. Too often, people get caught up and focused on numbers – how many friends they have on Facebook, how many ‘likes’ they have or how many followers they have on Twitter. I’ve seen countless people rack up numbers and followers, but never connect or engage. They live in a bubble and are solely focused on themselves, losing sight of the true value and potential of their network. The numbers are with out value unless there is a connection and quality relationships to back it all up.

“You have to give, to receive.

There’s no magic formula with social media. The first time I signed up for a Twitter account, I logged in, looked at the home screen, scratched my head and didn’t come back for 9 months. I did come back though and boy, I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did. Over the past couple years I’ve made a lot of connections, in particular on Twitter. I’ve made friends across Canada, from Vancouver to Nova Scotia and throughout the U.S.A. My hometown of Oakville has a wonderful network of Tweeps, all connecting and sharing. It truly is an amazing, supportive and caring community.

Over the past two years, I have shared and learned a lot about myself, Real Estate, Autism, family & life. I’ve lent support and helped raise awareness. Just this past week, as my network of friends and family both on and offline all know, I was given a wonderful opportunity this week by Realestock.com. Based on a personal story I shared, I was humbled to be selected as finalist and given the chance to win an Apple iPad for my family. When I first came across the contest, I wasn’t even going to write the story I did because it was so personal – I’m very glad that I did.

The response has been tremendous, beyond anything I could have imagined. I put it out there and shared it with my family and friends both offline and online and was humbled and overwhelmed with the reaction. The kind words I received through emails and messages brought out so much emotion. Raising awareness not only about our situation, but more importantly Autism in general has been simply amazing. The number of people that have reached out to me and shared their story about Autism whether in their immediate family, a friend, godson or family member has been wonderful. The Autism community is extremely supportive online and this is a perfect example.

All of this has reinforced that there is no quick fix and no easy formula. One good friend of mine, Tracy Grant (a.k.a @BarleySugar) called the response the “magic of Twitter” and she’s right. It has been magical. But the formula is simple:

You have to give, to receive.

You can follow Ryan on Twitter here: @OakvilleRealtor.

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